Knex Micro Catapolt





Introduction: Knex Micro Catapolt

Knex micro catapolt is made from knex minis so don't get confused.

Step 1: The Base

Just look at the pics.

Step 2: Boom

Look at pics. Use a small ruuberband.

Step 3: Ammo

Use two gray slide connectors, snap them together and your done. Example in upgrade.

Step 4: Upgrade

Use rear chamber for ammo.



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    20 Discussions

    The blue slide connectors are blue in my kit.

     Guys, give him a break! If he wants to post a model, let him. It's cool! The issue isn't what he used, but what he built.

    I can think of 10 reasons NOT to use K'nex micro. 1.Easily breakable. 2.People will never buy them on this site. 3.People think they suck. 4.There is a whole question on "Why can't i get regular K'nex sets?". 5.They get lost easier. 6.When there's micro K'nex there's always bricks. 7.Harder to handle. 8.Sets they come in are huge and there are not enough nor will there ever be enough posts on micro K'nex. 9.They are newer and will not get excepted as easier. 10.Overall, they just aren't as reliable.

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    True, but I'd love to see the SRv1 or IAC's biggest cannon made from micro k'nex!

    exatly they present a challenge its not fun if it is to easy. ive had a kit with less then 5 regs before

    you are crazy! micro knex will only come with certain sets and not in big quanties.

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    wrong; the new red boxes are mostly mini knex. i got EXACTLY 18 full size knex pieces in a 400 box.

    I am going to give you 5 *, even though you don't deserve it. Why do other people not realize how cool k'nex minis are? I want to see more mini guns, but with true triggers. Just cause it's a new type of toy doesn't mean we have to start at square one.

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    Mini knex is very small, making it hard to use. It is also EXTREMELY breakable.