Knex Mini Motor Bike/finger Bike

Introduction: Knex Mini Motor Bike/finger Bike

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hi this is an instructable of my mini knex motorbike. it goes into 2 different bikes as shown in the pictures.

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oh and ive got a piece count/picture of pieces.

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Step 1: Handle Bar

this is the handle bar, follow the steps.

1)build these.
2)build this.
4)add this.

Step 2: The Body+wheels

this is the body and wheels follow the steps

1) make this
2)attach the piece
3)add these
4) make the wheels
5) get this piece

Step 3: Put Everything Together

now attach everything together.
follow the steps.

1)you need this piece for the next step
2) add the body and handle
3) the wheels
4) add the wheels
5) look there is the transformation

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