Knex Mobile Standard for Filming Instructions!

Introduction: Knex Mobile Standard for Filming Instructions!

About: Hi!, I`m Levi I`m back building! and i play Videogames like Fifa 14/15

Here Are instructions for my Own Mobile Holder! Enjoy! :)

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Step 1: Base 1

Build This

Step 2: Base 2

Built 4 Of These

Step 3: Attach

Attach These pieces to the base

Step 4: Build the Little Tower

Build This

Step 5: Build This

Build this

Step 6: Build This

Than build this thing

Step 7: Build This Thing,

this is the thing where the mobil stands in

Step 8: Attach

Attach Step 6 To Step 7 

Step 9: Add These

Get some Blue Clips and Add them to the Phone Holder

Step 10: Make This

make this and put it in like so

Step 11: Attach Eveything Together

Now u gonna put eveything together like so! 

Step 12: Finished!

This is you finished product!

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