K'nex Mp5k Elite




Introduction: K'nex Mp5k Elite

Here is my new mp5k Elite,
im not gonna explain how to made it, but it is very easy to made, just take a good look.
I also made a few photo's of the difficult parts, so enjoy!

Step 1: Take a Good Look

take a good look
here are the other parts

Step 2: The Trigger

the trigger is very important,
it looks a bit like killerk's gun
but it is different!
as you see you have to modifie 1 piece
just cut it off.

Step 3: Fire Part

first make the fire part, the rest will come later.
this is the most important.

Step 4: The Handle

the handle looks a little bit tricky but it is also easy to made.

Step 5: Frontside

Step 6: Backside

make sure that the backside is strong.

Step 7: Scope

Step 8: Parts You Need

this is what you need for the mp5k Elite

Step 9: Parts You Need

Step 10: Pushstick

ofcourse an important piece.

Step 11: I Hope You Enjoyed This Slidshow



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    26 Discussions

    Where are the yellow half connectors?!

    what are you talking about? doesnt make sence, what do you want? G36k? than your lucky becuase im making one. X'D i'll post it soon

    Can't you make proper instructions for this gun

    aaah c'mon you arent so stupid are ya? i gave you the parts you need just take a good look than you can easily make it? it is the simplest gun i ever made, why do you think i posted it?