Knex Mp5k Gun With Softair Balls.





Introduction: Knex Mp5k Gun With Softair Balls.

Hey peps lol. This is a soft air gun and its prety cool like a mp5k (their a n other instructables with this gun but no soft air). So this gun shots 10 to 35ft not bad i guess and i hope u love it

Step 1: The Ram and the Bb Pusher.

So the first 1 is the bb pusher<<< and the second one is the ram. Plz tape the ram cause if tho much elastics the ram will pop out : ( But easy to make XD

Step 2: The Stuck.

This is the bb mag or stuck if u like :P lol u can make it longer but i like it little its about 15bb in so its good enough for me :-)

Step 3: The Handle.

Wath you want a HANDLE IS A HANDLE!!!! Ok my pc is so slow i have nothing to do so if ur reading this and have no time to wast stop reading its a way for me to wast my time wen trying to have pic ready...Omg so long...321 0 w00t it work see you next page

Step 4: The Triger

Ok well for the triger hmmm.... theirs nothing to it really so easy i love Canada u love Canada? i hate french home work... i got over 43home work for this Monday and its friday the 13 lol jk but i hate Home work!!!! I have nothing to sais so ima talk french kk? Bon finalement ont peut commencer a rien faire accause jai 43 devoir :P pis les photo nes pas encore las... Omg as if so LONG!!! ... Sry for flash...And yes thats an amputed orange.

Step 5: Barelle.

Ok for now when u finish doying the barelle u can assemble all the piece go to pic 1 or page 1 its all the gun happy Shoting and cause im cool i don t care if u shoot ur sister or bro cause well i do that some times... lol its not a crime!!! well i think its not>? wow sry if u dont see well the pics...



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