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About: Hi im 15 and i love building with knex i am getting a lot better thanks to selezonia for posting all those instructables which gave me more ideas on how to build guns. my favorite gun is the g36c if you coul...

This is my knex p90 its a good close range gun just like the real thing so time for the pros and cons

-looks a ton like the real thing
-has a trigger like the real thing
-cool (in my opinion)

-only holds three bullets
-could have better trigger
-needs mag push
-uses 4 hinge connectors but only one is required
-uses a lot of cut pieces but only a few are required

Step 1: Stock

The stock is basically just five layers through so dont worry

Step 2: Handle

this is the handle pretty simple

Step 3: Body

this isnt as long as the stock but still kinda long

Step 4: Ram Rod and Mag Pusher


Step 5: Assembly


Step 6: Banding Loading and Firing

almost done just add a few more things



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    Looks good, though, (no offence) I prefer ~KGB~'s one. This one (yours) doesn't need a melted pin though, which is better.
    Keep it up

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    Well, I looked at your slideshow (I already used like all my 'useful' pieces in a gun), and these are what I see that need some improvement:
    - The angle of the handle
    - Magazine size (the size you used is closer to a 7.62x51 mag than a 5.56 mag)
    - The stock (both length, and bottom curve angles.
    For ideas on how to make them better, you can maybe take a look at these two:

    Ya i know it doesnt shoot that far but i liked the design and for a gravity fed mag its okay even though it has a push pin