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About: Hi im 15 and i love building with knex i am getting a lot better thanks to selezonia for posting all those instructables which gave me more ideas on how to build guns. my favorite gun is the g36c if you coul...

Intro: Knex P90

This is my knex p90 its a good close range gun just like the real thing so time for the pros and cons

-looks a ton like the real thing
-has a trigger like the real thing
-cool (in my opinion)

-only holds three bullets
-could have better trigger
-needs mag push
-uses 4 hinge connectors but only one is required
-uses a lot of cut pieces but only a few are required

Step 1: Stock

The stock is basically just five layers through so dont worry

Step 2: Handle

this is the handle pretty simple

Step 3: Body

this isnt as long as the stock but still kinda long

Step 4: Ram Rod and Mag Pusher


Step 5: Assembly


Step 6: Banding Loading and Firing

almost done just add a few more things



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    Looks good, though, (no offence) I prefer ~KGB~'s one. This one (yours) doesn't need a melted pin though, which is better.
    Keep it up

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    Well, I looked at your slideshow (I already used like all my 'useful' pieces in a gun), and these are what I see that need some improvement:
    - The angle of the handle
    - Magazine size (the size you used is closer to a 7.62x51 mag than a 5.56 mag)
    - The stock (both length, and bottom curve angles.
    For ideas on how to make them better, you can maybe take a look at these two:

    Ya i know it doesnt shoot that far but i liked the design and for a gravity fed mag its okay even though it has a push pin