Knex Powerful Pistol 2 Ways to Shoot. Instructions.

Introduction: Knex Powerful Pistol 2 Ways to Shoot. Instructions.

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 Hi , this is a knex gun , which can fit in your pocket or in your bag. You can make it in less than 10 mins and the result of using 48 pieces is well worth it. I have 2 ways of firing. One  has the accuracy of a sniper but not too much power , the second has extreme power and great accuracy. My instructions are very easy to make but you need 1 more blue clip. The metalic gun is the less powerfull but the normal gun is the powerfull one. It depends on how you choose to position the elastic band how powerful the gun is.

Please comment on which one you make and please follow me. If you have a 3DS or 3DS XL , I am happy to trade friend codes with you .

The following is the instructions.





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    Thanks but i don't specilise in knex guns , as of this case, I can modify it but I am not sure of the piece you mean. please can you inform me of the piece and I will see what I can do. Annotheer thing is You could build the gun and change it yourself , but i can only make less powerfull guns like the pistol or my sniper . I can't build bigger guns because My parents say it will damage our house If I build one. I can build one but I may not be allowed to keep it for long. In addition I do not have many spare knex parts and i cant take apart my tresured knex mini because It took about 5 weeks to produce and I had no help. A way of getting parts would be taking appart my sniper, my rally car(instruction model and my dune buggy. I will try to mod it better .

    dr. richtofen

    Well, at least it has a true trigger. But it's really outdated though. The structure, barrel, handle etc. could also be a lot better. Take a look at this gun. This one is a couple years old, but still a great gun. It has a very strong structure, and won't bend, even with 3 bands on it (whereas yours bend with 1 rubberband). It has a comfortable, strong handle (yours has a rod sticking out, which is not comfy), and good power. Take a look at its pin pull. It has a grey rod length pin, which blocks almost at the back of the barrel, giving it a lot of power with few bands. Yours is yellow rod lentgh, which blocks in the middle of the barrel, giving it poor power compared to the Z35.
    In short: This gun can, and should be, improved by a lot. Take a look around the site to see some good knex guns, and try learning from them.