K'nex Quadpod(foldable!)




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This is my foldable Quadpod, you can use it for everything(Big and/or heavy k'nex guns, a sound box or a photo camera, wathever!)
I already had a Bipod and I was thinking... maybe can i make a Quadpod!

-low piece count
-no broken piece needed
-you can connect it to anything of k'nex

-I don't know any con, so let me know in the comments

Step 1: Making the Upper of the Quadpod

Step 2: Making the Bottom of the Quadpod

Step 3: Where to Put Those Little Pieces

The y-ball joint is just a connector that you can switch any connector what you want.

Step 4: Your Finished, Look How the Spider Can Fold!

What do you whink about this quadpod?
Leave in the comments below!



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    The Jamalam

    7 years ago on Introduction

    It's an old idea, and you can probably make it a lot more compact if you just use a pair of blue 3d connectors with white rods to secure the folding arms on both the slider and the top.