K'nex Rally Car (rockstar Energy Fiesta) Instructions!




About: Hello I am Devin, A.K.A Jingo69. I am a student, lover of cars, K'nex/Lego, and art. I mostly post K'nex car creations but plan to post other ideas in future too! ...

these are the instructions for my rally car, it is supposed to resemble 2012 Tanner Foust's rockstar energy fiesta (GRC), I made it focusing on the looks rather than features and judging by the comments its been a success! so these are the instructions! these are the pro's and con's...

pro's 6
independent suspension
opening doors
rockstar energy colour scheme
moving seat
lots of extra detail like door handles (Inside)

con's 4

uses lots of y connecters and hinges
the back lights aren't great
and the suspension only works properly if you put the wheels inside
the arches (you can change it so that the wheels are under the
wheel arches instead if you want, however the suspension will
work no-where near as well)

not very durable

here are my 'stats' for this car, these are in relation to other cars I've built in the past. (Out of 5)

Durability **
The looks ****'
Features ***
Build difficulty ****

please rate and comment, especially if you have built it, and tell me if there are any
parts in the instructable.

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Step 1: Front Bumper and Lights

sorry if parts of the instructable aren't clear (especially the step for the back of the car)

WARNING:The car uses a lot of hinges and y connectors 15 hinges and around 14y-connectors and uses a lot of pieces altogether.

Step 2: Suspension, Hood and Part of the Interior

you can modify the suspension, maybe change it to the McPherson design like in the real car or change it so that it has steering

Step 3: Middle and Interior

this step involves you having to just make do with some of the pictures as some show big parts to make and I couldn't make the parts smaller.

Step 4: Some of the Back

this step and step 5 are the most difficult to follow as when I was putting it back together I got confused!

Step 5: The Rest of the Back

this part may be difficult to follow as I got confused when remaking it

Step 6: *UPDATES*

-   There was a problem with the front wheels touching other partsso I have found the solution!
-   some other interior changes

Step 7: You Have Finished!!!!!!

What next? mod it, you can change the back lights so that it has a better shape and you can modify the suspension to the McPherson design and/or put steering on the front!      

I look forward to any new mods that you create, big or small!


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    3 years ago

    sorry I didn't even get to finish the first step when I realized that I didn't have enough pieces, sorry. *sigh*


    Reply 3 years ago

    Hi, I had bought a set which included flexible rods! I wouldn't advise bending the normal ones as they would break. :)

    jingo69knex dude 2000

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Aww sorry was it my instructions? (it was difficult to make instructions without completely breaking it :( -I actually couldn't figure out how to put the back lights back together lol)

    knex dude 2000jingo69

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Hehe its ok :) but i might try again a bit later when i have more time, and spare parts to use xD but hehe lol i hope you fixed it :)


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Cool, but yeah even I felt like rebuilding this but can't make the time with all the exams and things for school going on :( I also need to post a couple of mods I made to this. -If you do make + mod this, I remember having issues with the durability and something else.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Alright I'll be sure to check durability, but really by mod this I was actually going to change it from a fiesta to a focus. (I drive one!)

    ok the car looked cool and had nice features, but i took it off of a homemade bike ramp and what do you know, it basically self implodes! there were at least 20 spots where pieces had come out of place or broke, i say the durability is like a 2* and only that high because it was easy to put back together and thats gotta count for something. overall 4.5* because it is one of the prettiest looking cars on instrucbles and i loved to show off and display it, if it car become more structurally rigid and keep the looks then i will rerate 5* but for now...

    7 replies

    oh yeah, i had absolutely no troubles building this car you put in the perfect amount of pics, plus all of the pics were easy to tell what had to be done. all in all you get an A+ on the instructions in my book!

    I attempted to make it more durable but I couldn't do anything with it =( you can modify yours to make it more durable as I don't have many more K'nex pieces however, making a k'nex car to be durable enough to jump off a bike ramp is difficult!

    thanks for trying to, i have already disassembled it as to help build my trophy truck which i would post if i got permission from Killer Cars (does any one know if he is still on this site) since it is based off of his baja truck. also jumping a knex car off of a bike ramp is simple, keep the car simple, the less there is to it the less there is to break ;)

    I am not really sure, Killer cars hasn't been on instructables for a long time, also thanks for the advice but like I said before I usually make my cars for looks/features, so you have gave me the idea to concentrate on durability for my next instructable maybe=D

    cool i hope you can get the two features into one car, glad you think my advice is helpful.

    also thanks for telling me that Killer Cars is no longer on this site i am just going to post the truck and hope people like it :)