Knex Revolver

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welcome peeps on how to make a knex pistol

Have fun making it and dont fire at anything


Step 1: Barrel

a bit hard but try and do youre best!

Step 2: Trigger

Less reading more building!

Step 3: Trigger Stopper

I cant really explain how come this is important it just is (-:

Step 4: Handle

easy peasy step!

Step 5: Assembly

yay! The fun part (-:

Step 6: Elastics

a bit hard but do youre best!

Step 7: How to Load and Fire!

heres a preview (-:

1. Pull the firing pin back

2. Load a small green rod

3. Push trigger back

Step 8: Finished

congratz youre finished give youre self a pat on the back, *pat* well now all i can say is have fun and enjoy!




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    3 years ago

    If I shouldn't fire at anything, then doesn't that mean I can't fire at all? But this is a really cool gun, I've been looking for a simple revolver to build. Too bad I don't have enough pieces to build it...


    5 years ago

    Well its a great start! Much better than my first attempts!

    1 reply

    No, this is a standard tube, with in this case for the bullets, a tan connector part. You drop in one rod in that gap in the front. You probably can make a magazine on top for it. But as the gun is shown here, it only can hold one round.