K'nex Rally Car (rockstar Energy Fiesta)





Introduction: K'nex Rally Car (rockstar Energy Fiesta)

About: Hi I am Jingo69 I have posted lots of K'nex car tutorials in the past but haven't been posting for a while due to college/uni, I will probably be posting in the summer though! I still really love cars and...

this is my 10th instructable  so this time I thought of making something that would appeal to more people, as there are so many rally fans I thought I should make this, its supposed to resemble 2012 Tanner Foust's rockstar energy fiesta (GRC), I made it focusing on the looks rather than features,these are the pro's and con's...

pro's     6                                                                                          con's     3

independent suspension                                                the back lights are a bit off                                                         
opening doors                                                                   wheels are inside wheel arches for the suspension
interior                                                                                 uses a lot of y-connecters and hinges
rockstar energy colour scheme
moving seat
lots of extra detail like door handles (Inside)

                                                            the stats

                             features      ***           4
                           the looks      *****        5
                           durability      ****         3
                            over all         *****      5  the only big flaw was that it is really heavy

              There are now instructions for this  if you want to build it.



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    Hi! I have already posted instructions for this. Try looking in the 'related' section or in my account and you should be able to find it. Enjoy! :)

    Such a cool car but could do with some bigger wheels

    Thank you =D Don't forget to rate, BTW what do you mean by "and keep it that way =D"? I don't understand,

    I meant keep up these good creations lol. As for the rating sorry I still can't see the rating as soon as I can I'll rate it.

    could you do it again if you don't mind, because the ratings haven't changed on any. (the rating system sometimes messes up I had to do it twice before it worked)

    lol nooo, far from disaster, this is easily one of the best rally cars on the site man, youre one of the few people that actually builds your cars realistically, amazing

    this is epic dude, this is just like the real ford fiesta.. this is my favorite car you've done so far, and as soon as the ratings stop messing up, ill give you youre 5*... welcome back!!