Knex Roller Coaster: Rippin' Rocket 3

About: Hi! I'm knexinventions 49, a kid who loves to build, program, inspect element, play, and more. As my username suggests, most of my 'ibles will be on Knex, but I have some other ones with paper. I'm currently...

Hi builders, this is why I haven't been posting for a while now.  It's my first Knex roller coaster has a huge 3 foot loop and a big hill. I know, hardly anything, but whatever. I will be posting instructions if I get 5 comments asking for them.



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    2 years ago

    Great job and great idea to make a third rippin rocket

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    I am going to post a vid once I figure out how to put a video... Hopefully, without a cat stopping the car. =P