Knex Rubber Band Gun Instructions





Introduction: Knex Rubber Band Gun Instructions

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This is the instructions of the rubber band gun

Step 1: Part List

4 green
6 white
1 grey

1 grey
1 white
2 green
2 yellow
3 orange
1 y clip
1 blue clip
2 rubber bands

Step 2: Trigger

This is the trigger from the gun the grey rod can you make sharp with a pencilsharper for better shots

Step 3: The Nose

This is the nose of the gun and the last part and the rubber band in picture 2 fold it 3 times for better shots and leave a message in the comment if you made it and i post the picture in the instructable



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    Cool! Try to make a slightly more complicated gun for your next build it you have the pieces. Keep it up!.

    2 replies