Knex Shooting Range and Mini Pistol Targets.

Introduction: Knex Shooting Range and Mini Pistol Targets.

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Hi this is my shooting range which has targets , which are easy to hit over and I have made a knex gun which can shoot at different speeds or lenghts depending on the length of elastic band you use. My shooting range has a moveable flap on the back , which can be used to rebound ammo upwards when you shoot at it. I have a few short video's that I am  happy to share with you but excuse the background noise because My parents were watching a tv programme. My gun has an aproxamate firing speed from exiting the gun to target of 10 mph . Depending on the feedback and viewers, I will post CLEAR instructions for most of my projects as from this one . As this type of shooting accessory is rare on this site , It has many positives such as changable firing angle and a cool , stable stand for firing on a table or something. The 2 targets are made at different sizes because if they were the same size , It would be too easy to knock down. What made me make this Instructable was , I went to type in " knex weapons " and I saw a guy who had a gun which was like mine but could'nt fire . I made his and figured out why it would'nt fire and I fitted extra parts and etited the gun and it is now a muzzle loader and it has a sight for better accuracy . In addition , I added a stand , which I mentioned earlier . The only negative is it can take a while to losd because of its compact size. Also It may be it has a small elastic band and it has a hot of tension when loading. Please follow and favorite me, And if you have a 3DS or 3DS XL I'm happy to trade friend codes with you.

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    Yep for the gun but the target , it will be soon but im building a truckload of things with a few parts. I NEED NEW BITS !!! i only have about 200 clips and 100 rods.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    i havnt got enough knex for this build but cool!!!!