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About: Hey! I'm gargamelknex, and I am 18 years old. I live in the netherlands, so i can't good English. I make knex ballmachines, cars, rollercoasters, and other things. Please, subcribe when you are a big k'nex ...

It's holiday!

I now have all the time to instructions, so the next few weeks I will be posting many k'nex construction works. Within a few weeks I post my first balmachine.

But now, I present one of my first k'nex creations! It is a small truck. You can carry stuff, and the back of the truck there may be easy on and off. The doors can open.

This truck I have as my profile picture, but I have adjusted it a bit. This is stronger and more convenient to use.

Good luck!




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Step 1: K'nex Pieces!

We're going to count! There is a lot of wheels in this truck, I have no idea why:)

RODS: ( 485 )

  • Green:286
  • White: 184
  • Blue: 10
  • Yellow: 2
  • Red: 3


  • Dark grey: 22
  • Red: 16
  • Green: 2
  • Yellow: 58
  • Purple (3D): 102
  • Blue (3D): 56
  • White: 19

OTHER: ( 105 )

  • Blue spacer: 43
  • Grey spacer: 19
  • Y-Clip: 9
  • Blue Clip:14
  • Black cap: 3
  • Yellow cap: 2 (for headlight)
  • Red cap: 2 (for rear light)
  • Wheel (with tire): 19

TOTAL: 865

Step 2: Bottom

Now create the first part of the bottom.

It is very strong, so I have therefore not everything taken apart. Look carefully at the pictures. If you want more pictures, please let know via the comments.

Step 3: Bottom Part 2

Now create the bottom all the way off!

Step 4: Sitting Area

Good luck :)

Setting the chairs can be tricky.

Step 5: Back

Now we are going to the back so that the truck can be.

Step 6: Truck

We are now going to make the truck.

Please note that you put between the clamp truck yellow bars. (see last 2 pictures)

Step 7: A Few More Little Things

The last step!

Create using the y-clips the lamps, and make them fasten in the front and back!



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    It's a beautifull machine, sandroknexmaster :)

    In my machine is almost all things from others, on a few after ...:)
    Tomorrow is my birthday, so I hope I just 100,000 pieces get:)