Knex Sniper Rifle




A knex sniper rifle. If you can give me any ideas for a good bi pod or tri pod let me know. This is a RBG can fire like a shotgun firing 2 shots at ones. This is not semi automatic.

Here is a link for some mods

easy to make

trigger breaks
fires a little high

Step 1: Barrel

The barrel.

1. make 2 of these 1 without the oranges.
2. the other side

Step 2: Handle and Trigger

The handle and trigger.

1. make 2 1 without the oranges or blues
2. the other side
3. trigger from above
4. trigger from beneath

Step 3: Putting Them Together

Putting the handle and barrel together.

1. how to put each side together
2. both sides on

Step 4: Scope Optional

The scope is optional it is simple and works good but not great.

1. 2. the pieces
3. 4. 5. putting them together

Step 5: Stock Optional

The stock is optional and I recommend it

1. 2. the stock
3. how to attach it

Step 6: Rubber Bands

how to attach the rubber bands.

1. the trigger
2. loading
3. no picture 3 because you are done YAY
have fun



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    7 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    i changed the stock so it was comfy :) i used 2 neon yellow rods .
    also is this a rubber band gun MADE of knex or does it actually fire knex ?


    8 years ago on Introduction

    put a tri pod onto it by attatching a female connector onto the bottom of the barrel and then get those blue connectors that you slide together and slide them together then attatch the desired amount of rods either 2,3 or 4. then on the to put a male connector and then attatching the male and female together. if you did it right you should be able to move it in many directions.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    you put a rubber band on the orange piece in the front then hook it on to the wheel and for extra strength you can click the wheel back 1 but you don't have to then just pull the trigger


    9 years ago on Step 5

    i made it but i changed two pieces to put a bipod on the front