K'nex Solar Painting

Introduction: K'nex Solar Painting

Little fun for dad ( or mom) and child using k'nex and paint

Step 1: What You Need

K'NEX parts :
1 solar motor with wire and panel. I got it several years ago, il don't know if this models still exists. You can do it with battery motor as well.
white connectors (the ones that look like snow flakes)
red rods
red connectors
Painting :
3 or more water paint tubes
3 or more milk bottle lids
3 or more tea spoons
1 wood stick or 1 fine paint brush
Paper :
squares (21 cm by 21 cm)

Step 2: Make 3 Big Stars

Make 3 big stars with white connectors (aka snowflakes) and red rods

Step 3: Feet Under the Motor

Put a white connector at the end of each red rod and fit under the motor

Step 4: First Star Upon the Motor

Put a red connecor at the end of each red rod

Step 5: Second Star Upon the Motor

Attach the second star with the red connectors and that's finished

Step 6: Have Fun

Put the solar panel outside the house because it would not work behind a window.
When it turn drop paint with the tea spoon.
Gently mix with the wood stick : you are an artist.

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    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    It's a nice piece of job. I have seen in your instructables that you've got an xbox. Maybe you could put a controler inside a gun to play fps games.