Knex Spread Shot Shotgun!!!




Introduction: Knex Spread Shot Shotgun!!!

About: Hi i am a knexer that builds and post how to build guns and weapons. My specilty is guns and new amos.You can subsribe to what ever you feel is cool to you.Remeber to rate,subsribe and comment.All bad commen...

This shot was inspirred by knexfreak360 but it just made it!!! sow good range and good sight.

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    I love this gun! I am not trying to be rude in anyway, but you should call it a scatter shotgun. Again not trying to be rude. But great gun!

    kool gun!!! The stock is off though. I do like it overall, because it is kool looking. Im building a Rifle of many versions and variants right now. It is based off of Seleziona's Dragunov. I got a bloodied hand from building it though... CURSE YOU SCISSORS THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO CUT THE KNEX PIECE AND NOT MY F***ING HAND!!! This gun deserves 4.5* You also get a 8D

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    i've been trying to make a short ouble barrel shotgun for a LONG time but still don't ahve time. too caught up with my main hobbies, RC and Youtube.

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    well if you find a model for me to try to build post a picture in your next comment and i can try to build it within the next 3 weeks.

    You have 51 subbers

    Not trying to burst any bubbles but it's unlikely you'll get 49 more in 10 ibles time

    But ten ibles later if you have, sorry.

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    I got around 100 after posting my 11th knex ible, but I started before ibles had subscriptions.