Knex Spring Gun DEMO

Introduction: Knex Spring Gun DEMO

Hey this is a demo of a spring gun (spring bullet) I didn t put any real fram or nothing cause i hade no time to wast so this is a piece of nothing lol but i hope u will invent a cool gun by this stupid looking gun. The power of the gun depends on how long and big ur spring and bolet is. Mind is about a yellow rod thats y i use a yellow rod. This gun can acualy shot 5ft to 75ft depending the spring but like i said this is just a DEMO of how it works.

Step 1: The Bollet.

Depending on ur bollet spring u can have difrent rod like if urs is smaler (not good...) u can put a smaler rod like a blue. If biger u can put a red.

Step 2: The Firering Pin and the Triger.

This isnt realy the firering pin cause its like diden with the handle thats y i use the handle as triger.

Step 3: The Barrel.

Ok for the barrel u can put triangle red conecter depending on how much long ur bollet and spring is.

Step 4: The Handle.

The handle...u can use it for tryger by moving it up.

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    Hey undermig the picture of the gun looks ober! I could make it but.... I don't have a spring!!