Knex Sword & Holder

Introduction: Knex Sword & Holder

This instructable will show you how to make a sword with a holder. The sword is pretty sturdy. With the holder you can carry the sword at your side.

Things you need:
  Green: 63
  White: 36
  Blue: 18
  Yellow: 42
  Red: 24

  Grey: 9
  Red: 20
  Green: 9
  Yellow: 27
  White: 25
  Purple: 6

(The resources are ordered from smallest to biggest)

Step 1: The Blade

You will start by making the blade.

In this step you need:
  White: 10
  Blue: 3
  Yellow: 27
  Red (these are green in the picture): 24

  Grey: 3
  Green: 9
  Yellow: 21

Step 2: The Guard

In this step you will make the guard of the blade.
You need:
  Green: 6
  White: 2
  Blue: 15
  Yellow: 9

  Grey: 6
  Yellow: 3
  White: 12

Step 3: The Handle

In this step you will make the handle. The easiest way is to follow the instructions.
You will need:

  Green: 42
  White: 17

  White: 12

Step 4: Connecting All the Pieces

Now you will connect all the pieces you made.
You will need:

  Green: 3
  White 6

Step 5: The Holder

Here you will make the holder.
You will need:

  Green: 10
  White: 7
  Yellow: 6

  Red: 2
  Yellow: 3
  White: 1
  Purple: 6

Step 6: The Result

You are now the proud owner of a knex sword and holder.

You can attach the holder to your pants. Just put the yellow rods on the outside and the rest on the inside. You can slide the sword on the holder by putting the white rods in the 3 holes near the handle of the sword (see picture).

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