Knex Tactical Hammer-head Crossbow

About: My names John,I've been building with knex for 5 years And am currently working on a lever action tube fed shotgun =D

Well, this is the updated version of my tactical crossbow. It is to some extent a bullpup but the mech isnt to far behind the handle so I just think of it as normal. It shoots about 5 feet further than the original. 

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    Looks like the body's strong. However, the bow itself looks a bit flimsyish to me, but it could be strong. What's the second gun?

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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    It shoots just a little bit further than the original,around 5 feet more. I would have made it into more of a bullpup but I ran out of pieces. instructions should be up late tonight. Any ideas for the mp-9 trigger, I wanted to put it behind the handle but cant unless I use string.