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Introduction: Knex Target / Beginner's Pistol

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This is another knex pistol I made. its not very high power, because it only goes 18-28 feet. it is relatively simple to make (compared to some other guns out there!) and uses minimal pieces, again maybe just compared to other pistols, but it should not take too long to make. the best thing is that it has a true trigger and if you covered it in black duct tape it would look remotely like a gun.

Step 1: The Handle

this is the handle of my suckish gun. (WOW)

Step 2: The Trigger

this is the one and only : trigger! (yeah!)

Step 3: The Firing Rod

it fires, and its a rod!

Step 4: The Top View of the Hairy Barrel

you'll see why in the next step! :)

Step 5: The Hairy Part of the Hairy Barrel

if you look closely you'll see it (the eighth wonder of the world)

Step 6: Time 2 Connect!

connect the barrel to the handle and it should look like this

Step 7: Yay a Rod That Fires!

well obviously u have 2 put in the firing rod dummy!

Step 8: Attach the Friggin' Trigger!


Step 9: Attach the Rubber Band

you don't have to attach the rubber band on the trigger it kinda sucks



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    I dont realy like guns that are big and slugish,I love guns that have a mag,and I hate it when it takes for ever to make them,and dude this took me 20mins to make.

    No, no, no, no, no. Too simple. Yes its true trigger, but just not postworthy.

    The gun is simple and probably not postworthy in any way, but I do like the fact that you added a true trigger.