Knex Target Shoot.

About: Name's Drew. I like to build knex guns. I'm not very good at it. I tend to build simple guns. I'm not very innovative, I've tried but never ends up well. So I build guns I enjoy handling and shooting. Would...

This is a target practice shooting range type thing. There are better ones out there that move so I really won't feel bad if everyone hates it but I just don't have enough chains to do a moving one. It is self resetting though.


Step 1: The Base or Stand

This is a rather long but easy step so just work through it. I'm sorry it's so long.

Step 2: The Target

These are the targets, they reset themselves automatically.



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    Well I'm glad ya like it. I think it's good for the amount of pieces it takes the bottom is kinda boney looking, but I made it with mind frame of not everyone as 15 pounds of knex!

    Thanks, Hey I just finished a double barrel bolt action rifle with magazine. Do you think I should post it or what? It kinda takes alot of pieces though.

    ZKAR bolt action or ''fake'' bolt action (normal ram rod with an handle, doesn't push a bullet like the zkar)?

    It was gonna be like th zkar but I just modified it a little bit and now I can't get the bolt action to work so it's just gonna have a normal ram rod. It's a nice gun though. Best one I have made.