K'nex Top With Cord

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Intro: K'nex Top With Cord

This is my first published instructable so tell me wht you think! =D It has a cord that detatches, it spins for five or six seconds depending on the length or the cord.

Step 1: Pieces

These are the pieces you need.
1 red
2 white
2 blue
2 orange
4 grey
4 beige
2 wheels
more than a foot of string

Step 2: Half of Base

This is the bottom of the base.

Step 3: Add Rest of Base

This is the top of the base.

Step 4: This Is the Hold

This is the part you hold when you pull the string.

Step 5: Insert Hold

Mount like this

Step 6: Pull Cord

This is were you hold the pull cord to make the cord just tie this to the string and tie a gre to the other end.

Step 7: Add Cord to the Top

Wrap the cord around the top don't connect or the cord will make it burn out.



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