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Introduction: Knex Truck and Trailer

About: I love hands on projects and when it comes to knex I could sit for hours doing a creation until I finish... That's just me.. I also like like to play basketball, play the drums and I love cars whether new or...

This is my design of a knex truck and trailer. The truck is motorized in which it pulls the trailer, The trailer has a motorcycle on top of it. I want to give credit it to Knex365 for the trailer design. Should I post instructions?? Let me know in the comments.. BTW this is my first instructable....Thanks..



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    yyyyyyyyyyeeeeeessss post instructions

    yyyyyyyyyyeeeeeessss post instructions

    Well said, sorunome. Why not make instructions? I would love to make this. Please do instructions!

    Looking nice!
    And why not post instructions? It is fun to make instructions IMO :)