Knex Turret Rifle

this knex gun has a lot of power and it's accurate.

PROS light weight lots of power good range if you put a lot of ruber bands on it.

CONS. are there any cons... yes there are its kinda piece consuming eats ruberbands at least the ones I have they are old like 20 years old and the stock is flimisy.

Step 1: There Are No Instructions But There Is a Video of It Shooting⬇️



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    Really cool, good job! The stock looks a bit messy though. :( If you want EPIC range, try putting fins on the red rods, like this:

    You should at least double the range with those. If you don't like the idea of tape+Knex, take a red connector and snap a white rod into the middle slot, like this:

    The round is called "Oodammo' and is much more accurate then normal rods. I hope that this helps. :)

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