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This is my new gun the knex uzi. BM requested that I make an uzi and I had no other ideas so I started work,it is not fully finished as it needs some work on the back of the handle and any ideas for that are welcome. It uses a modified pin that BM used in his mp7 and is averaging 45ft in range. It has one slot on the top for a red dot sight or any other sight you want to add and also has the feature of being able to use green rod or grey connector ammo interchangeably. The mag hold either 15 grey connectors or 22 green rods as ammo although the green rods will jam more often. Another nice thing this gun can do is load two rounds at once =) Please comment below with any ideas to improve it and vote for this in the contest!



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    2 years ago

    wish I had the time and patience to make this... Awesome Uzi! I'm diggin' the stock too! Nice work!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    lol, it is when it isn't around anymore,I have to rebuild it to do that and with uzi v2 I will update the internals =)