Knex Week, I Am Not Dead.



Hey, i am Gabz. Hey guys my name is Gabz or gabhoot here on insturctables. I have not touched knex since i posted my pistol which was 2 years ago, but 3 school years. I recently asked for a bb/airsoft gun from my parents but the didn't want me to get one so i decided i might go back to making knex guns for a shot while because they can destroy things. I did go into nerf modding but got bored after a year and now i play alot of games and i am good at them and i havea youtube account where i upload alot of video editing. I love video editing and i still play the piano like a god ;).

If you want anything posted or if you have any questions/requests please leave a comment.

Step 1: KSC, Knex Sholder Cannon.

First is the KSC or knex sholder cannon. This bazooka style gun is very powerful and accurate and featured a few versions. With the right rubberbands this is a great gun.
Picture 1-4: the prototype, featuring the original trigger mechanism where when the round was fully loaded the orange connecter stopped the gun from firing, you moved this orange piece down the white rails and the gun shot. (picture 3 shows a close up)
Pictures 5 and 6: The Version 1. This is the original version and still used the old trigger mechanism. It was designed to look like a motor and it fired well but i wanted more.
Pictures 7- 11: This is the current version 2. It was designed to be more like a sholder cannon and it has a real trigger simiular to that of my sniper rifle. It doesn't look comfortble but it is and it is stronger than version 1.

Step 2: Sniper Rifle.

This is my long range sniper rifle. It is a very sturdy gun and is incredibly hard to brake. It shoots a long way and i can hardly ever find the bullet again. Its accuracy is really good aswell and it is generally a great sniper. Its ammo is a red connector and a blue rod. The gun is quite big but is the perfect size for me.

Step 3: My SMG.

This is the third and final gun i created during this week of knex. It is a smg that uses a mechanism that is common. It is not brand new and exiting but i wanted to create my own smg style gun in this week on knex. It is very very accurate and has medium range. I will use it for rushing and close/small enviroments.

It is very comfy and feels nice to hold and shoot but sometimes can be a little unpredictable. (1 shot in 50 or so will go flying up or to one side or brake the gun). I have only ever had 2 'misfires' in the time i have been shooting and i think now i have finished it it never has these misfires but it might do.



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    DJ Radio

    7 years ago on Introduction

    You might as well have not posted anything. I feel like all these are rushed, especially the first one. They are all subpar for this time.