Knex Xbox360 Controller and Game Holder




Introduction: Knex Xbox360 Controller and Game Holder

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In this instructable I will teach you how to make my awesome knex Game/Controller holder!


I'm not responsible if you carry it by the any section and it falls and breaks ANYTHING AT ALL! Neither am I responsible if it breaks and it breaks your controller, games or anything else.

I'm very sure it wont break as long as you carry it how I recommend it and where I recommend it, so please follow my directions like a smart person would! Thank you! ~Hellpilot

I will add new stuff on time after time. If you decide to and you post an instructable or anything of that sort give me credit as my license says!

Version two was just published! BUILD THIS FIRST!!!

Step 1: In This Step You Will Create the Base of the Stand!

Build as so... You don't have to use the orange rods, you can use red or tan.

Step 2: The Top of the Base and Slots

Build the top of the base and slots!

Step 3: Some Part(s)

Easy as pie!

Step 4: Controller Holders/locks

Just build it!

Step 5: Put It Together!

Yay! Time for the good part!

Step 6: Final, and How to Carry and Take the Locks Off!

Remember! And Have fun!



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    u have the elder scrolls iv: oblivion. and for that, and other reasons, u sir. Have GOOD taste in games. btw, are u planning on getting Skyrim?

    WTF that's a lot of games. i dare you to name them all

    Beat it by about 33x your amount (it took my a while to work out, so it may be wrong).
    7x33=231 (I done that to show how I worked it out.)

    try to make a couple of the sections under the controller section and connect them side to side.

    Dude thats alot of games...ummm yeah that would be pretty tall if you made one XD. i will see what i can do after when i post my knex gun

    Sorry but what is the peice in the centre is it a half peice or a almost circle peice ???? (soz about rubbish decriptions)

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