Knex 8 Shot Pistol

This is an 8 shot knex pistol that is very efficient,accurate,and powerful.It has A trigger mechanism that I have not seen any where else on the site.I am not liable if you do anything stupid.This is my first instructable however I will not say to be nice but follow the next rule.I will not allow the use of bad language.It can shoot 60+feet with the rubber bands shown.

Step 1: Handle

This is the handle it shouldn't be to hard.

Step 2: Hopper

Top of hopper,simple

Step 3: Ram


Step 4: Trigger

This is probably the most parts efficient true trigger pretty simple.

Step 5: Trigger Support and Handle Mount

Easy as cheese.

Step 6: Chamber and Gun Barrel

follow the pictures.

Step 7: Puting It All Together

Your almost done!!!

Step 8: Rubber Bands

Mounting rubberbands.

Step 9: Bullets

these are just the red rods it shoots



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    18 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction


    The Jamalam

    10 years ago on Introduction

    I think that trigger is the basic true trigger, so many people can say it's new, but it is the same trigger almost every time, unlesss it's block or sear

    Rock n Roll

    10 years ago on Introduction

    not bad i made it but some pieces im missing cause i dont have any left :((((((