K'nex Double Shot Gun (Big Version)

About: Amateur photographer and dabbler in K'nex weaponry.

This gun doesn't shoot as far as the others, but it has a working trigger and more ammo storage.

Pay attention to the pictures and image notes. They explain a lot.

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Step 1: Find the Parts

Note: All of the colors are in the original set colors, so they will differ from the colors shown in the picture. I have put quotation marks around the names of connectors that are different in the image notes.

1 Grey connector
5 Orange connectors
8 Red connectors
2 green connectors
6 Yellow connectors

2 Green Rods
5 White Rods
7 Blue Rods
2 Red Rods
2 Grey Rods

Step 2: Build the Rod and Trigger

Attach a grey rod to a green connector, and slide two orange connectors over the grey rod. Then do it a second time.

Step 3: Make the Rubber Band Attachment Point and Sight

Clip a yellow connector onto a red connector with a green rod, and attach that to what you made in the step before. Then, attach a blue rod to and orange connector with a white rod on the other attachment point.

Step 4: Attach the Sight and Put the Two Sides Together

Put the sight on between the two red connectors. Then attach the two red rods to the green connectors on the ends.

Step 5: Begin Making the Large Sliding Part

Put a white piece across the two orange connectors. Then attach a red onto each side of the white piece.

Step 6: Put the Rubber Band on and Secure It

this alleviates the problem some of the other large guns me and Othnielia had with the rubber bands slipping off the gun.

Slip the rubber bands between the two orange connectors, and the put on the white piece. THIS IS IMPORTANT!

Then put the rubber bands around the front yellow connectors.

Step 7: Make the Rest of the Sliding Part

Add on two more reds, and connect all the reds together with blue rods.

Step 8: Make the Trigger and Add the Ammo Holder

Attach a yellow connector to the top back blue rod. This makes the trigger. Then put a yellow connector between the two back red rods, and attach a blue rod with the grey connector attached onto it.

Step 9: Make Handle

Attach a yellow connector to a blue rod. The do it again. Then attach both to the lower red rod on the back of the gun.

Step 10: Fire!

Pull the entire sliding part back until you can clip the yellow connector onto the red rod. Then do that. Load a bullet between each rubber band. Then push the top arm of the part of the connector attaching the yellow connector to the red arm until it pops off, firing the gun.

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    17 Discussions

    That's okay...even I couldn't figure out how to arrange the pictures for a while. I still have a couple that I don't know why I uploaded... :(

    well its the same mechanism i took it apart alredy lol i needed the grays and also if you just put the bb at the top of the orange piece it works


    10 years ago on Introduction

    i honestly cant work it out?
    but i can tel lyour a lateral thinker, you might become a knexpert as your ideas increase in complexity =]

    8 replies

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    if you cant work this one out look at his other ones first.... the orange ( this case black) connectors push the bullet out ... not the bands


    What? I'm not usually much of a lateral thinker. And I'm building a pretty complex gun right now...it'll take some time to post, though.


    Yes, it fires. Maybe ten to fifteen feet if you get lucky (or pull the firing pin back far). It fires seven shots, and once you pull the firing pin back something is going to exit the gun (It doesn't have a trigger...like my other guns).