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About: i love to play video games and build knex, building knex guns are my favorite things to build with knex. well, thats me.

This is the one, the only, the knex grandfather clock! It has hands that rotate clockwise! Every time it rotates one full circle rotation, it is equal to ten seconds. It has a fully loaded pendulum that swings back and forth, left and right! And, it looks cool in your living room! This is my first instructable, so remember to rate and leave nice comments

Step 1: Gears, Engine, and Hands

build the hands, gears, and engine.
it isn't very hard but your fingers will be sore afterwards

Step 2: The Pendulum

this is easy! it shouldn't be hard at all.

Step 3: The Locking Door

this will be the part that lets you open to see the pendulum. should not be so hard.

Step 4: Bottom Base

this is probobly the most important (and the hardest) part of this instructable. don't be confused by the pictures that are shown

Step 5: Pendulum+Gears, Engine, and Hands

get the pendulum and the other thing with the motor and connect like in the pictures. Otherwise, ithis should be easy as pie... Yum!

Step 6: Bottom Base+locking Door

put together the bottom base and the wierd locking thingy. basically, what the pictures are showing is that you snap together the two parts with the light grey connecters. by the way, i have no idea why the huge gray box is there. So don't harass me on the comment boards!!

Step 7: Final Connectings

put together the last two things that you just built and connect them together. it is sort of easy where they connect, but i just put pictures on in case someone has no idea about knex. Then, all you must do, is turn the switch to the right (as the last picture shows) and watch it go.



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    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    A bit hard to follow. I do it all the time, but that's still no excuse.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    oh, well i am going to post a new one soon! it has the same elements to it, but it has better instructions and instead of timing ten seconds, it records a whole minute, but the only bad part is that the pendulum does not move.
    it will be coming soon! so keep your eyes peeled! (not literally)

    SonicX 22

    10 years ago on Introduction

    leave nice comments r u kidding!!! no one would ever insult this cool clock its better than the knex instructions this is the best clock ive ever seen!!!!!!!!


    You have done a nice job on the clock. All you need to do is change your gear ratio so it goes by in minutes instead of 10 seconds. I have part of a clock set up, every time it goes around it has been 2 minutes.

    3 replies