Knex Hand Gun

About: hi! some of my hobbies include: - building guns out of knex - playing combat arms - playing basketball - playing football - reading - playing tennis - hanging out with my friends - going with said friends to...

This is a great gun that I built
-it has a mag for 4 bullets
-small and lightweight
-good range: 40-50ft
-convenient and working sight
-Mag never jams
-Mag does not jut out, only the pusher, just a little bit

- no trigger yet
- flimsy in the middle

Leave comments if you want me to post this!

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    Yeah, that was what i was aiming to do,I never liked how other guns have the firing pin on the outside, and it sticks out of the gun, it just ruins the image. Look at this image. The trigger, as I just found out, works better when you use the orange connectors as a pump. It fires about 5 to 10 ft farther.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    It looks nice, I think you should add a trigger. I agree with Oomp and IAC. I think you should fill in the middle, I have made a pic for ya. Replace the oranges with yellows and connect them with a green rod

    THIS ONE.jpg
    10 replies

    The way that you pull the pin back is sort of like KILLERK's magnum, so i can't fill in the middle of build around it without the gun being to fat or decreasing its power. srry. I added a trigger though


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Neat! It looks a bit messy, and a bit empty, perticularly in the middle and handle. Decent gun though, it could be good with some modding.

    1 reply

    Thanks for your reply. I know it is messy (i made it in a night) but it gets a good range for a gun of its size. You are right about the modding, it could still be better, should I post it? That way, others could mod on it, or should i build a trigger on it first? I'm not really good with triggers, only barrels! :)