Knex Handgun

Introduction: Knex Handgun

Very simple gun. Im not saying anything about its range, because however many rubberbands you put on makes it farther. sometimes doesnt work. i think the trigger is from tomboyrme but with my own personal spin... i dunno. anyway, lets get this show on the road!

by the way go ahead and be mean. ill just flag you.

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Step 1: Piece Count


26 yellow/gray connectors
6 green connectors
3"V" connectors
17 gray connectors
4 orange connectors (1 of them sawn and sanded)
1 Female ball joint piece
7 tan clips
3 blue clips (like a tan but with no knobby thing)


1 grey rod (very long, black or white/transperent recommended)
2 yellow/grey rods
12 blue rods
13 white rods
11 green rods


1 large rubber band (not thin, but not to thick either)
1 small rubber band (thick)
some tape (not needed,you can just use a rubber band)
4 blue

Total piece count (no misc.)

Step 2: Handle!

heres some pictures for the handle. i supply a bunch of pics so its easy for you.

Step 3: Handle Connections

this is where the handle connects to the gun and the trigger goes in.

Step 4: Barrel

heres some pictures of the barrell. real easy.

Step 5: The Back and the Ram

pictures of where the ram goes in


Finally, i made it! now i just gotta put it together...

Step 7: Rubber Band Placement

you know it really doesnt seem that neccesary. but on this gun, it is. if you put them on wrong it wont shoot.

Step 8: Shooting Time.

i reccomend blue bullets. the way i load them is just for fun, you dont have to do it this way.


I recommend this as it isn't hard to make, doesn't look completely stupid (and yet does anyway) and doesn't affect the power at all. !!!note!!! sometimes jams, but only on the 2nd bullet or 3rd bullet, I'm not sure why.. just try to cope with the photos, i think they are pretty easy to follow. if you have trouble (which i doubt you will) just pm me and ill put up another pic.

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    13 Discussions


    11 years ago on Introduction

    why didn't you put a magazine on top of that loading space?


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    i dont know. im gonna do it now and update it... i guess. thanks for the suggestion.