Knex Inverter Lift




this is a very effective lift type
you can build as high as you want (if you have the pieces) and even use the chain lift too
and there are disadvantages
i don't know how to put a motor on it
lots of pieces

Step 1: The Lifts

these are the lift you need to make
make as much as you need to make it at the desired height

You'll need (per lift);-


yellow 5 way 3 yellow 3 blue 12
green 4 way 3 blue 3 grey 6
blue 7 way (3D) 2 white 2
grey 1 way 6

Step 2: The Frame

the frame is quite easy
again just do as the picture says

Step 3: Adding on the Lifts

to add on the the lifts to the frame you need to a 2 grey 1 wat connectors through the rod so the lifts can slide up and down

Step 4: Joining the Lifts

this is very simple to join the lifts
you simply do by adding 2 grey 1 way connectros onto each blue rod( check the pic)

Step 5: Adding the Balls

when it's finished push one up and the other down and keep doing that then the ball will travel upwards



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      Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

      sorry i take it back im working on a way to add a motor if do i will make an instructable


      Reply 8 years ago on Step 5

      Maybe he didn't have a motor at the time. But you can make it with a motor. Just watch I_am_canadian.s Twister ball machine and look carefully at the mechanism. It isn't really that hard. :-)


      8 years ago on Introduction

      this is best making it is the most possible lift to make the best is the big arm lift becuz it uses not much pieces this one use also not much but it is still too much so i,m just saying that this sure is the best one to make who's possible becuz u can get with one bag of k'nex no chains no bleu one slot connector NR. 2 BEST LIFT


      10 years ago on Step 1

      Just an observation from my own build that that the top yellow rod (as added in photo 3) does not need the two green connectors, nor the 4xBlue and 2xGrey spacers. This saves on parts and weight. I also found that the lever mechanism from the opposite lift often got hooked these extraneous green connectors and popped the ball out prematurely. Getting rid of these actually made my lift more reliable. Nice instructable BTW.

      1 reply

      Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

      i didn't know that it came from knex, i thought somone made it up so i tried to make it


      This is cool, but I could swear that I saw this thing somewhere...probably the Book of 120+ ideas.