Knex Longbow SR-L Crossbow




Introduction: Knex Longbow SR-L Crossbow


ok, ok, I admit i have gotten the gun names from video games. now here goes the intro:

It all started in 06 and a half. A basic knex cannon, block trigger, simple ram, and an unusual taste of ammo.

Today, we have gone so far. And this proves it. Introducing the Knex Longbow SR-L crossbow. simple to make, piece-efficient, and pretty decent overall. It is also the first crossbow to have a bipod and scope (correct me if i am wrong)..................


-not flimsy
-60-80 foot range
-foldable bipod
-rubberband stays on the bow no matter what (unless you take it off)


-not the best stock
-horizontal bow could be longer

Version history

1.4- this was a concept spin- off of my SPEC-9 sniper rifle
1.6- added an extra layer on the bottom of the crossbow and improved bipod
1.8- replaced stock with a better one that features a sight

this crossbow is very similar to my sniper. if you want to choose, it depends on what you want. If you want a solid, sturdy gun, build this gun. If you want more range, build the sniper.

overall, this is a good upgrade for my sniper, i would recommend you build this gun...............

Step 1: Handle

follow the pictures.

1. build this

2. another view

3. yet another view

4. build the bipod holder (not optional)

5. assemble (add parts)

Step 2: Stock

really, all you need is one picture

Step 3: The Barrel

again, you just need one picture

Step 4: The Horizontal Bow

again, one picture is needed. add spacers everywhere, i didnt because i ran out

Step 5: Bipod (optional)

build the bipod. this part is completely optional, but replace the green rod seen with a gray rod

Step 6: Assemble

ok, here is the step that makes it all work.............

1.attach bipod (optional)

2. attach horizontal bow to barrel

3. attach stock to handle

4. connect handle to barrel

Step 7: Ammo

the ammo is the same as my sniper, just make

Step 8: Loading and Firing

to load, pull the rubberband band back to the wheel and turn it back.

then, put ammo in the barrel, aim and pull the trigger



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    i love it because it looks good and doesn't use a lot of pieces.

    Right. Nail my other comment down there. Excluding the age, the lack of peices and the fact that I am nowhere near a Knexpert, I can't help LOL'ing at the first version. Please tell me if you think this is hating and I will remove it.

    Nice crossbow I made the other one but the rubber band kept getting stuck so I am making this one