Working Knex M4 Carbine Model (not Full Scale, RBG)





Introduction: Working Knex M4 Carbine Model (not Full Scale, RBG)

An M4 Carbine I made out of Knex with removable magazine. The handle, sight, stock, and barell are all interchangeable, and I'm currently working on a SOPMOD kit to go with this.

(The picture shown here is short stock, short barrel, short gearbox, short trigger guard. The ratio of measurements is closer to a colt, but with a curved magazine. The newest model Has long everything except for barrel. The reason for this is because the longer the barell the harder it is to support it's own weight. The proper measurements being implemented in Knex [14.5 inch barrel, 33.1 inches total with stock extended] would be very fragile. The current model has been dropped out of a second story window with the only damage taken being an expelled magazine. Take your pick for which one you want.



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    He's where I got my insparation from, but I wanted to build something from scratch. Want me to get a ruler, and make everything perfect, becuase I can.

    I just wanted to show you something that might make the mag look a bit better since I love the rest of it so much. The left side is yours, and the right side is a real ak47 mag. (sorry for it being terribly drawn). Ignor the size difference it's just the corner im showing you.

    Ak47 magazine.bmp

    Thanks for the effort, however, I realized that but the flexible rods extend further than that so it's not as simple as it seems to modify. I would have to change the connection to the gun where the clip meets the fake breach.

    Alright, i'll be waiting for you to post cause I have a 1:1 scale AK47 airsoft gun XD. But just looking at the pics it looks great.