Knex MRL

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This is my awaited MRL: Mini Rocket Launcher!

  • 30-50 ft. depending on bullet and bands
  • Small-ish
  • Sights

  • Long Reload Time
  • Sometimes The Bullets Break During Impact With A Hard Surface

Sorry about the few blurs there are, It showed it better on the camera.
Lets get to building it!

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Step 1: Build These Parts

Build these parts

Step 2: Build Sights

Step 3: Stock and Body

Stock And Body

Step 4: Barrel


Step 5: Attach Sights

Attach Sights

Step 6: Adding RB's and Loading

Adding RB's And Loading

Step 7: Firing + End

Firing + End

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    147 Discussions

    just built it a day ago hurts like hell when you get hit by it i had 10 #64 rubber bands on it and the round went 100' on kidding

    1 reply

    8 years ago on Introduction

    hey im halfway done with this but i ran out of green rods for the stock so im just taking it off but this seems like it will work very good ill try to finish it 2morow

    8 replies

    yeah i didnt have enough for the grip under the barrel but i think ill try to make one without green rods it will probly fail but what the heck

    yes and i finished it!!!! it is amazingggg!!!! although it used most of my green rods I LOVE THIS GUN cuz it is awesome!! thanks for posting it!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    i lengthened the stock and handle, put a cheek rest, removable scope, and a awesome bullet the length of two red rods. wanna pic?

    1 reply