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Introduction: Knex Mortar

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Okay, I finally got an in structable posted. It only took me a year and 10 prototypes to get the design right. But I'm sure it will please you. It is my first instructable so I want alot of comments. This is the first scale Morter on this sight. so lets get started.

Step 1: First Base

this is the base that holds the morter. Just follow the pictures.

Step 2: Second Base

Give a general description of the Stepthis is the stand that holds up the barrel. Again, just follow the photos.

Step 3: End of Barrel

this shows you how to build the end of barrel. Follow pics.

Step 4: Mechanism End of the Barrel

This is the end that is attached to the base. these steps might be a little confusing but you should get it follow pics.

Step 5: Sight(optional)

this is the sight pretty self-explanitory. you don't have to build it but it kind of works.

Step 6: Rubberband Placement

this is where the rubberbands are placed.

Step 7: Connections

this is the step that connects everything. Attaching the bottom barrel to the base is kind of hard.

Step 8: Bullet

build bullet.

Step 9: Loading the Morter

Give a general description of the Stepthis is how you load the mortar.

Step 10: Firing

just pull on the red connecter attached to the blue rod and it fires.

Step 11: You Are DONE!!!!!!

you are now done with the mortar go shoot it outdoors! any questions? just leave comment and I'll get to you as fast as I can.



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    I built it, but it went 10 feet. I think I did it wrong.

    you could've used less pieces on the base. I made my own base that uses less pieces and still works great.

    this is great for knex wars and i have bulit it and got it to go 55 feet high and 80 feet in distance.

    i dont actualy see hw to put te band on

    Pretty cool. Too bad it only uses small rod ammo instead of a bigger caliber. It would be great if someone made a mortar that could launcher either IaC's War Bombs or my X8D Suplody for a devastating effect. This is still really good though.

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    im gonna make a knex mortar and put my very own knex grenades as ammo so it can have more of a devastating effect.

    Suplody? LOL And Im actually working on top of a grenade launcher. On top of micro cannon, full auto, pistol, and sidearm...

    I modded this to fire I_A_C's ammo, plus, you drop it down, and it automatically fires, like the real one.