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Introduction: Knex Rocket

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This is a Knex Rocket I built and it shoots about 30 feet up. Do not ask me to publish this instructable because I already took it apart. Please rate and comment. Credit for the Trigger goes to THE REAPER.



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    Try making the rocket denser and smoother around the edges, that will stabilize the structure and prevent fractures. Also try Duct tape on that red rod.

    More mass can actually improve range depending on how much tension the design can hold.

    I did. I highlight the"depending on how much tension the design can hold." part. With this design, It seems that the light weight of the rocket thing is Ideal for launching. And I just did a science experiment on which projectiles went farther when shot from a potato cannon, and I weighed all the projectiles, and the lightest ones went the farthest.

    its all about momentum. thats why you can throw say a 500g rock farther than a 200g rock .