Knex Soda Dispencer




Introduction: Knex Soda Dispencer

"Hi This Is My Soda Dispenser. I've Made (Teacher Of The Ways) Soda Dipencer But I Didn't Like It Falling Out Of The Bottom So I've Made My Own.

The instructions are simple. Pictures are easy for you to follow
there is a piece list which is 100% right
if anyone need some help ask me.

P.S This Is My 1st Instructable So Please Be Nice."

Step 1: Piece List


gray 1 slots:17



Step 2: The Body

I am basically just going to show you how to make the and the put it all together at the end

Step 3: The Lower Body

Step 4: The Can Tray

follow the pictures

Step 5: Putting It All Together

just follow the pictures

Step 6: How It Works

now your done how do you use it you wonder well this part is just how to use it



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    35 Discussions

    Right now I am working on a mod to make it hold beer cans, might post it when i'm done

    might make and add a knex chain-link conveyor belt (yes i am that lazy to just wait for my soda to come on a 0.00000000001 MPH conveyor belt)

    2 replies

    GREAT I ran out of peices for the despensing part but it's alright. The sodas come out funny for me but still nice!

    OMG how did I not see this earlier? It took me some time to make this, but it works really well.

    i'd make a huge one... maybe with multiple slanted layers. not gonna post even if i do, though.

    i built this i had some difficultys at first but i modded it a bit and it works great...if u add three orange conectors on the 3 middle white rods in the back of the tray it helps keep the pop from falling behind

    wow great idea, no you need to add a sweet dispenser to one side, and maybe a card holder?(to put the dentists business card in!)

    2 replies

    I have dr pepper cans but they wont fit through the slot I had to take off some pieces so it would fit

    I made the video and when I am talking I am talking basically just to you, so other people who watch it will be a little confused in that aspect. And I would also like to make an Instructables using this device when I am finished. I would like permission from you to make one and therefore credit you on your original machine.