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Introduction: Knex Sword Designs

These are some swords i want other people to build..if you guys don't mind



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The "Dwarven Battle Sword" is just overkill.

WHAT why there is no irish dwarfs lucky sword? just kidding they are normal

legos will stay together.......................with glue and/or duct tape
actullay i dont know show me a correctly built lego

I'm pretty sure if you swing a KNEX sword at a wall, it'll break, just like a lego one.

Why do people make this kind of stuff out of KNEX in the first place, I mean, if I got into a fight I'd rather  have a wooden sword than a KNEX sword.

i'd rather have a nuculer bomb than a gun if your in battle.

I would rather have a stick than a nuclear bomb. That way, maybe the species will have a chance of surviving the war.