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Alright well I just felt like making a Mac 11 although I'm not sure if this could be classified small enough to be an 11 instead of 10. Either way I still call it the TD10. It's based off of the TDS and I in fact used my TDS and modded it. This gun is a lot more reliable and some would say it looks better. It has a fake bolt part (I forgot what it was called) on top that moves. I was planning on using it for fake blow-back action but I never figured it out. I'll probably just add it as an update when I figure it out. For those who are wondering this is a lot better than my mini uzi and a bit better than the TDS.

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Step 1: Handle

Same old dark grey connector handle that I love oh so much.
Yeah only picture...I didn't think I needed too many details...

Step 2: Barrel and Trigger

Same old barrel. Same old trigger that I love so much and yet still can't remember from who I used it.
1. The back where you stick the ram. Something I should have done but didn't is put a green rod on the orange connector to help stop the ram.
2. Main Barrel
3. Attaching to the back.
4. Attaching to the handle
5. Trigger from other guns...yes I didn't even take a picture for this gun just grabbed one from the Mini-er TDS
6. Adding the trigger
7. Add in the white rods if front and above the trigger.
8. A part to add under the barrel. The black hand shouldn't connect to the white rod just sit in front of it.
9. Rubber banding the trigger.

Step 3: Top Part

Kind of like the Mini Uzi. This is just for looks. The little bolt part moves but is still just for looks for now.
1. Front part of the top
2. Adding it
3. Back part of top
4. ...and adding it
5. That one part+ a rubber band.
6. Stick in the blue rod side into the back of the top until the white rod fits in and then slide it forward.
7. Adding the rubber band to reset it when you pull it back.

Step 4: Firing Pin and Extended Magzine Pusher

This gun uses a DMS styled back so that the gun is strong and somewhat a little more quite than a gun with a ram holder. The mag pusher is held in a fake extended magazine to add to the looks. You could probably turn it into a real magazine and quick load the ammo but I figured that wouldn't be reliable. I might do it in another update.
1. The Firing PIn. Use quite a few layers of tape for best results.
2. Add double tied 64s. You can move them up further for more power if you want.
3. The Mag Pusher.
4. The Top part. If you want you can use a normal detachable mag pusher from the TDS.
5. Pull the white rod out first.
6. Put this dark grey on first by sticking the pusher in and then twisting it on.
7. Put the other one on and then push the white rod back in.
8. Uh this was just a part I added onto the side of the handle so that it was more comfortable to hold.

Alright enjoy to the gun. I know it's not much but I got a couple requests and it is pretty much better than the TDS as far as function goes.



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    DJ Radio

    9 years ago on Introduction

    Remember when I told you to put a paper bag over the ejection port of a shell gun?  On the crime drama, the crooks put a paper bag on a Mac 11 sidearm to catch ejected shells.  They filed the serial number off.

    4 replies
    TheDunkisDJ Radio

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    You know the scary thought is that I've been studying these crime dramas so much that I've actually found ways around getting caught. I'm not saying I could get away with murder but I could sure make it harder for the rather unprofessional investigators of my area.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    you know, i really wish there was a like button on this site for comments like this


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    It's funny how long ago this was. By now, I'm almost confident I could get away with murder. Of course, I have no incentive to kill anyone. But let's just say no one should double cross me.


    8 years ago on Step 2

    great gun! very real looking and it fires nicely! 5* you know anything else about those weapons?
    The MAC-10 is the "original" MAC, slightly larger, and fires .45 caliber rounds. It's selective fire. The MAC-11 is a little smaller though still exactly the same shape (so it's easy to mistaken them for one another in photos when not in direct comparison to something else) and fires .380 caliber rounds. It's also selective fire. Seeing how what I made was just a K'nex interpretation, I had to go by size. Looking at it now, it's closer to the MAC-11 in size.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Actually it doesn't matter, you can take the unnecesary green rods off the handle.