Knex Tec9

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Hello. This is my Tec9.
Many of you have been waiting for this so here it is!

Big Mag
Good Range (About 40 Feet)
True Trigger
Good Handles and Sights

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Step 1: Body/Barrel

This is the body of the gun.
I'll try be as helpful as possible.

Step 2: Mag

The Mag For The Gun.

Step 3: Handle

The handle

Step 4: Other Stuff

Here are the other things to build

Step 5: Connecting It All Together...

Connecting it all together...

Step 6: Rubber Bands and End

Put on the Rubber Bands And The End

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    That thing looks sweet!!! 4 stars. BTW: I am IN THE MIDDLE of designing my own Tec9. It now already is the most reliable gun I ever had, but yours is better I think.

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    with that barrel design it cannot fit grey connectors, the next thing it could fire is white rods, and once i made something that fired Y clips, it never caught on for some reason.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    It shoots through cardboard boxes at up to 10 feet away for me.