Knex Ultimate Grenade and Switch Blade





Introduction: Knex Ultimate Grenade and Switch Blade

A switchblade and ultimate grenade made from knex



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    Wow, cool looking grenade! You'd need quite a strong sword to counteract something like that instead of the single rod-point knives that are posted everywhere on this site.

    Mind if you post the switchblade? Looks AWESOME P.S. Grenades look like a colorful pineapple Monkey: OOHEZ A PINE APPLE Step Step Step BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol

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    ooh a nice, juicy pineapple... chomp... mmmmmmmm...


    (dies in a fiery inferno)

    a knife like a swiss or leatherman but i think the difference is the come out really fast like the blade is on a spring, and the blade locks. switchblades dont have other gadgets on the same device(at least that i know of)