Knex V8 Engine

A Knex V8 Engine with a working crankshaft.peices:

8 wheels
8 grey rods
35 yellow rods
10 red rods
21 white connectors
50 blue connectors
8 one slot grey connectors
10 purple connectors
28 silver spacers
12 blue spacers

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Step 1: The Frame

In this step you will make the frame.

Step 2: The Pistons

The easiest part of the whole build.

Step 3: The Crankshaft

The main bit of the build

Step 4: Attaching

This is the last step

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    try adding valvetrain, and have it all timed correctly, that would be sweet i would worship you if you could do that. i tryed it myself but it didn't work out lol

    1 reply