Knex Dune Buggy by Fishfrog27.





Introduction: Knex Dune Buggy by Fishfrog27.

About: Hi! Im the fishfrog and I like making guns from knex, and playing my wii. I fight the one man war against ps3 cause i hate it.... I've got Mario kart wii(and ds),ssbb,Call of duty 4, world at war, Black ops,...

These are a few pictures of my dune buggy I made. It's from the suspension car from one of the knex booklets. From the book, it looked kind of crap so I built it up to be how it looks now. By the way, I think this might be the first thing on instructables to be ever taken in snow. Great fun making this due to the fact, it was a monday and school was canceled. YAY!!!



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    Lol, you think that's deep snow? I right now have 2 feet and school was and will be cancelled for the entire week!

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    (before my comment, i already said that i just 'tweaked' it) yer its the grey box with the lego block things in it. thats were i got it from

    does it got a motor?? does it go trough that deep snow???? is it 4 wheel drive??? is there an instructable for it ???????????????????????????