Knex Gatling Shotgun V1





Introduction: Knex Gatling Shotgun V1

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This instructable shows how to make my knex gatling shotgun V1 this is the first full auto shotgun in knex history!!! credits: oblitivius cs2 shotgun barrels. ups:low parts usage 8 barrel's 24 shots powerful(usaully gets about 60 feet)more likely to hit target downs:fairly long loading list:
blue motor:1
tan clips:2
blue clips:2
yellow conectors:56
red conectors:19
orange connectors:18
grey connectors:8
purple 3-d connector:12
blue 3-d connector:3
white connector:4


64# rubber bands:16

Step 1: The Wheel

this step shows how to make the wheel.

Step 2: The Axle

This step shows how to make the axle for the wheel to spin on

Step 3: Rams

This step shows how to make the rams

Step 4: Axle

This step shows how to make the Axle and attach it to the wheel.

Step 5: Trigger Flipper

this step shows how to make the trigger flipper.

Step 6: The Base

this step shows how to make the base and connecting the axle to the motor mount

Step 7: Putting the Trigger Flipper On

this step shows how to put the triger flipper on

Step 8: Ammunition

this step shows the ammo

Step 9: Rubber Bands

This step shows the rubberbands you will need

Step 10: Loading ,cocking, and Putting Rubber Bands On

this step shows how to load ,cock,and put the rubber bands on

Step 11: Shooting

cock, load and push the motors switch toward you



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    65 Discussions

    I really liked the gun but u should consider in making it w/o the tripod so that u can carry it around like a gatling gun

    i know im so sweet because i can use the scar-h and kill u in a half a second that takes some skill :)

    i made a 2 barreled handheld shotgun out of the barrels may i post? i just wanted permission to use our barrells

    6 replies

    thanx but i cant add a true trigger but i did make it able to use shells 5 spacers long with it i will make a new series the S.S. series the gun will be a S.S.D.B. shotgun (figure out what the initals stand for with a cookie

    nope but VERY close u hav this right: Shell           Doouble Barrel

    HINT: the second s has nothing to do with shotguns or even guns

    'Couldn't you shove a few green rods sideways into the barrels, like a green rod mag, only it's a barrel, you'd hold more than 3, and get better spread... But i doubt you still have this.

    4 replies