Knex Powerful Shotgun-shoots 40ft





Introduction: Knex Powerful Shotgun-shoots 40ft

click here for the second half of instructions. This is the most powerful shotgun I have made but Im sure there will be some more powerful ones on instructables. It is definately worth making yourself to see just how powerful this is.



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    I don't exactly know how he stole it, as he posted a link for the second half of the video in the description, which means he wants you to know that he is not to credit for this gun.

    doesnt knexwizard have pretty much the same thing? duno who made it but i made this a while ago and it was nice

    i have made this gun and my mag was not the best, also my elastic bands keep't breaking but still powerful. its a great looking gun and the pump action is awesome.

    actually youre wrong, if you build them 2 you will notice that the handle, barrel, and trigger mech is way different from the link you posted

    Awsome!! 5* for all your guns. I use your site instead.
    Me made it.

    i broke my rubbish project (a type 99 that isnt going well) to make this looks cool but not powerfull