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Introduction: Knex Seaplane

I made this knex plane because I was bored and couldn't think of anything else to do.
The plane is very simple to make and doesn't use many pieces and none of them and cut or sanded.
Im sorry but theres not a parts list to this i took it apart before i had time to make one.
Please comment if you dont understand something im happy to help.

P.S give me good votes

Step 1: Making the Wings

These wings go on top of the plane simple to make!

1. what you are making
2. make two of these
3. What the pieces are
4. the rods connect the two wing parts together

Step 2: Making the Wheels

You could probaly make this part with the first picture its really easy!

1. what you are making
2. Make this
3. Make two of these
4. close up
5. another close up
6. attach wheels to main body and your done

Step 3: Making Front of the Plane

this is the little red and yellow pieced thing on the front of the plane with the propeller.

1. what you are making
2. make the propeller
3. Make these
4. Make these
5. make these
6. make two of these
7. and finnaly make this
8. attach pic 6 and 7 togehter like this
9. put pic 4 on
10. put on pic 5
11 different view of picture 10
12. put pic 3 on
13. add the propeller and attach a grey connecter on the end

Step 4: Making the Main Body

This is the hardest part of the build

1. this is it, all you gotta do hard right :P

Step 5: Making the Tail

The tail of the plane is quite simple

1. make this..
2. add this on
3. and this
4. different view of picture 2
5. make this
6. make this too
7. different angle of picture 5
8. another view
9. combine 5 and 2 like so

Step 6: Putting It All Together

this part is quite complicated, if you need help with any of this just comment me and ill try to help you as much as I can!

1. attach the main body and the front together
2 - 4 different views of the connection points
5. attach the top tail section to the rear of the main body
6. add the lower tail secton on
7. top view of the tail section
8. close up of the rear rudders
9. underneath view of the tail
10. add on the wheels
11. slighty moved view
12. add these on the sides of the main body
13. slighty moved view
14. finally add on the wings to the top using the rods
15. you are done!!! wippeee :P

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Reply 1 year ago



8 years ago on Step 2

i dont have those tires

What can i subsitude with


9 years ago on Introduction

Ah, yes, I remember this one. Its quite a nice plane, and easy to make, even when you don't have the instructions.
But thanks for posting, I'm sure lots of people will enjoy building it :)

I built my own version of it a few years ago using a picture from a 1997-98 K'nex brochure. As you can see in the picture I used some panels in the wings to make them more solid.
I also made a spaceship based on the Star Cruisers on the opposite page.

Plane3.jpgKnex Catalog.jpgStarcruiser - top.JPG

Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

Hey thanks for posting but do give credit to K'nex, I know you didn't design this I have the kit too!


10 years ago on Introduction

hey ppl i know u lot will probably screw at me for takin his side, but i think he is quite clever to put this up, becuz sum ppl (like me) dont have this certain box contain the instrubctions to mak the plane so well done 4 puttin it up! BUT DONT TAKE ALL OF THE CREDIT 4 IT, JUS CUZ U ADDED WHEELS DOESNT MAKE IT UR IDEA!!!!


Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

He didn't. I have the original set and that had wheels too.


10 years ago on Introduction

good plane but i agree with ferrari484 was it ur own design????


10 years ago on Introduction

Hey! You got this from a set! I have it too. Don't say that you designed it all.

the gizmoman
the gizmoman

11 years ago on Introduction

the floats need to be a little bit longer in the back other then that that an alsome airplane